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FloWorks 2.0 is out! - download now

We are pleased to announce that FloWorks 2.0 for FlexSim 7.7…
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Flexsim 7.0.2 nu beschikbaar

FlexSim 7.0.2 is now available for download. Please go to Software…

Royal HaskoningDHV kiest voor Flexsim

The office of Royal HaskoningDHV in Rotterdam, the Netherlands…
FlexSim HC simulation software

Flexsim healthcare 4.3.2 release

FlexSim Healthcare (HC) 4.3.2 has been released and is available…

Indrukwekkende 3D video

As soon as FlexSim 7.0 was released, CRITT T&L updated their…
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Flexsim simulatievideo's uitgelegd

Do you want to get more out Flexsim, check out the short video’s…

De waarde van simulatie voor managers

Simulatie is niet alleen geschikt voor de vliegtuigbranche. Ook…
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Simulatieproject voor General Electric

We take a look back at a consulting project from 2009, conducted…
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