FlexSim VSM – Value Stream Mapping Simulatie Software

Value stream mapping is a form of process mapping used in lean management to analyze the current state system and design a future state system. It uses standard shapes and calculations to help identify the processes, movement, and constraints of the system. Value stream mapping is useful to quickly analyze a system, but for more in-depth analysis simulation with FlexSim can be extremely useful. Download a free version and try FlexSim and the free Value Stream Mapping simulation module.

What is FlexSim VSM?

FlexSim VSM is a software tool (currently in private alpha testing) to build value stream maps with enhanced simulation capability. Value stream maps have traditionally been a static picture of the current state, but FlexSim VSM visualizes the ebbs and flows of products in the system. FlexSim VSM makes it easy to create accurate and powerful value stream maps in only a few minutes!

FlexSim VSM

Download & Try for free

Flexsim VSM will be available soon for download (version 7.7).

Don’t want to wait for FlexSim VSM? Try FlexSim a powerful 3D simulation tool.