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Optimization through Simulation

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Optimization through Simulation

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Optimization through Simulation

Optimization through Simulation

Optimization through Simulation

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Optimization through Simulation solutions by Talumis: together we have over 100 years of experience in modeling, simulation, analyses and optimizing complex logistic processes. The expertise of TALUMIS is focused on industrial environments and especially in the area of production, warehousing, material handling and supply chains. Simulation can give you the insight to analyze and optimize business processes for any industry.

Simulation software | Talumis uses Flexsim

The world’s #1 simulation software

Simulate any business process

Flexsim is a software modeling application that can be used to simulate, and visualize any business process. Whether the process is manufacturing, logistics or administration, Flexsim will work because its modeling objects can be customized exactly to match the process.

Flexsim has a high degree of openness and flexibility, allowing it to be totally customized into a specific application program suitable for any industry. The FlexSim software truly supports optimization through simulation.

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FlexSim is powerful yet easy-to-use software for simulation. A comprehensive and innovative simulation engine is hidden behind drag and drop controls, drop-down lists and many other intuitive features that make it accessible for anyone to experiment with a model.

Talumis designs and implements custom-made simulation applications based on the FlexSim platform. Talumis develops industry or customer specific library modules.By combining optimization and simulation models, Talumis creates proven optimized solutions that are used in the day-to-day business.

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The world’s #1 simulation software

Simulation | Fast & flexible reaction to the market

Nowadays, the economy requires a fast and flexible reaction to the market. Customer demands become more and more dynamic and unpredictable. It is hard to tell how your logistics system reacts to future changes. You might want to know what the best solution is for now, but also for the future. What you need is optimization through simulation.

Simulation | Consultancy, support & training

Our simulation services  go beyond simulation. Our education, interests and experience provides an added value for every organization that would like to look at their logistics from a broader perspective. We truly achieve Optimization through Simulation as we use best of both worlds.

Optimization through Simulation in your business or industry

Simulation | Who we are

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Based upon over 20 years of experience in simulation projects, TALUMIS specializes in logistic analyses and optimization. The big advantage of a simulation approach is to obtain a detailed quantitative insight into the complex reality of logistic systems. It allows you to visualize and quantify new ideas and process designs and to predict the outcome thus achieving real optimization through simulation.

All employees at TALUMIS have more than 5 years experience in simulation projects or technical software development. This ensures a high project quality, fast results and large cost savings.