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Warehousing Simulation by Talumis

Simulation as a tool is used more and more in warehousing environments. Simulation analysis is used mainly within the walls of a warehouse to reduce the operational costs; the bigger part of the costs of providing logistics services are the number of operators involved. If you are able to reduce the amount of time needed to receive, re-pack, pick, consolidate and ship goods within a warehouse you save money every day. Simulation models can show how different layouts and different workflow strategies have an impact on the amount of operators needed. As some handling could be automated, simulation can give you a clear trade-off what the benefits are of investing in automation.

Why would you need Warehousing Simulation?

The need for efficiency in the warehousing industry has never been greater, with personnel, fuel and transportation continuing to rise each year. Simulation provides a way to put a warehouse to the test in a risk-free environmentwithout disturbing the existing warehouse system. It also enables users to determine minimum actual costs without sacrificing the required output.

Simulation can test and improve the WMS (warehouse management system) control rules. Many suppliers say that their rules ‘optimize’ the dispatching of orders but no one can (or will) prove that the rules function good in the dynamic reality. Simulation ca provide an inexpensive platform to test and improve these controls.

Operational use:
Apart from analyzing on a strategic and tactical level, simulation can also show its use in the day-to-day operation. As models can be fed with real orders it is possible to determine where and (more important) when operators and equipment are needed. If you interactively manipulate the release of orders, the simulation model turns into a planning tool.
Benefits: reduce operational costs, predict and plan operators, convince people of new work strategy, determine the ROI of mechanized systems.

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Warehousing Simulation by Talumis

Typical questions that can be answered with warehousing simulation:

  • Are we maximizing our storage locations in order to reduce movetime?
  • Are our products getting to the right place at the right time?
  • What is the ROI of mechanized systems
  • How can we improve are control rules
  • How can we convince our people of new work strategy

Talumis uses the world’s best Simulation Software: FlexSim Warehouse modeller

FlexSim Warehouse Modeller is powerful yet easy-to-use software for simulation. A comprehensive and innovative simulation engine is hidden behind drag and drop controls, drop-down lists and many other intuitive features that make it accessible for anyone to experiment with a model. All simulation models are created to scale and are presented using 3D visuals, making it easy to watch the virtual system go through its daily operations and visually observe which elements are lacking in efficiency. FlexSim Warehouse Modeller also gives decision makers the tools to confirm their observations, with impressive statistical reporting and analysis built right into the software. The FlexSim warehouse modeller was designed and developed by Talumis.

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