Material Handling – Conveyor Simulation Software

The FlexSim Conveyor Simulation Software module is a powerful, free FlexSim add-on that was created specifically for modeling conveyor handling systems. It combines the detail needed for material handling applications with the ease-of-use engineers have come to expect from a FlexSim simulation model. Quickly represent slug building and release systems without writing a single line of code, along with power and free systems, realistic picking operations, and much more.

What can it do?

The FlexSim Conveyor Simulation Software module is a superior alternative to other material handling simulation software.  For instance slug building and release logic, was time consuming for an inexperienced modeler, creating a litany of stations and photoeyes. FlexSim has developed a slug build and release process that only requires intuitive drag-and-drop.

Need help on a Material Handling project?

Talumis has extensive knowledge on material handling conveyor systems and control logic optimization using simulation. If you need help on an automation project or want to know more about how material handling and conveyor simulation can help you, contact us or visit our cases section.

Download & Try for free

Download the FlexSim evaluation version. Do not forget to download the Conveyor Simulation Software module through the FlexSim on-line content.