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Process and Patient Logistics Simulation in Healthcare

Talumis uses simulation in the Healthcare Industries to create real insight in processes and patient logistics. Talumis uses the Flexsim Healthcare Simulation Software to implement improvements and increase satisfaction for both patients and employees.

Implementing lessons learned in your process and patient logistics simulation study will streamline your operations. Management, staff, and especially patients can benefit from improved healthcare efficiency. A happier and more productive staff makes for more satisfied patients.

More transparency and structural changes

Due to the developments in the organization of healthcare during the past decade, healthcare institutions have to give more and more transparency regarding costs and quality of care. This causes many structural changes, such as mergers, acquisitions and strategic repositioning. These measures do not only have an impact on an operational level but also on tactical and strategic levels.  Simulation enables organizations to gain new insights for all three levels.

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Abel van der Windt

Abel van der Windt

Healthcare Simulation Consultant

Impact on all levels of the organisation

Strategic level

The strategic level addresses structural decision making, policy implementation and strategic planning. Decisions at this level include the location and allocation of central facilities (Operating Rooms, Radiology facilities, labs, etc.), the patients districting, the fleet size and selection, the staffing levels, and the definition of service levels.

At the moment we see a lot of changes at this level, such as mergers, acquisitions and the implementation of new ICT solutions. Process and patient logistics simulation is a valuable tool when speculating on the impact of such decisions on both patients and resources.

Operational Level

Simulation can help predict and especially visualize any work floor process. Animations and graphics are very useful in communicating new concepts. Examples include: Emergency department optimization, reduction in waiting times for consultation and patient routing.

Tactical Level

The tactical level can be found between the strategic level, which sets the stage (regarding e.g. location and size), and the operational level, which addresses the execution of the processes. This level involves medium term decisions that are usually made for a year. Tactical level decisions include shift scheduling and the definition of inventory policies.

Knowledge and experience

Talumis has the knowledge and experience needed to support care facilities with decision making on all three levels.  Using simulation enables organizations to obtain further information regarding the results of proposed changes before actually implementing them.

Talumis uses the world’s best simulation software: FlexSim

Flexsim Healthcare is PC-based simulation software designed to model, simulate and analyze healthcare operations. It includes a whole library of objects that are ready out-of-the-box for building almost any healthcare model.
No two systems are exactly alike. That’s why FlexSim built in the ability to customize almost any aspect of any process. FlexSim Healthcare objects can be customized quickly with the help of easy-to-use drop-down options. No graphic experience is required to achieve an eye-catching animation.

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