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As the Dutch Simulation expert, Talumis is involved in several programmes at different universities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Not only do we provide course material, but we also support professors in the setup of their program. We can also create tailor made applications to demonstrate course specific cases.

Our goal is to introduce students to the world of simulation with an attractive and stimulating approach with our state-of-the-art software Flexsim and the latest textbooks.

Why do Universities use FlexSim in their programmes?


Simulation, once the magic wand of a simulation professional, has the opportunity to become a common tool for analyzing and solving real-world problems in today’s fast paced, dynamic environment. Graduating students will have to be prepared to take advantage of that opportunity.

Applying simulation today isn’t like completing an exercise in a traditional text. Even case studies don’t teach students how to actually solve real-world problems. There are good reasons to consider a change.

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