GEMINI – Digital Twin for Container Terminals & Ports

At the beginning of year 2021 DSP and Talumis finalised an important partnership agreement to develop and market together innovative vertical software solutions in the area of simulation, emulation, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence for the Container Terminal industry.

The first product on the pipeline is Gemini, a Digital Twin of the terminal to support operators in their daily operational decisions.

The working group is composed by Talumis engineers and mathematicians and DSP specialists in automation and terminal operations.

In September 2021 the company DSP Talumis B.V. was formed.

Gemini, the terminal Digital Twin, is composed of 5 different modules:

  • DSP BI, DATAVIEW: the source of Terminal’s data, for analytics and historical reports;
  • FORECAST: with this first module, GEMINI can be immediately be used by operations supporting their decision process with predictive analysis and monitoring the identified KPIs.
  • SIMULATION: Run simulations on the Digital Twin to validate new process and layout design;
  • EMULATION: Terminal Optimization (scheduling and planning);
  • 3D VIEWS: Digital rendering of your terminal that gives you a real image on your screen.

Cosco Shipping Ports (Spain) Valencia Terminal, a leading maritime terminals operator in Spain, is an essential partner for the development of Gemini. CSP Valencia Terminal and DSP Talumis presented Gemini last June at the TOC Europe Global Showcase. See the presentation on DSP Youtube channel.