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Airport simulation is the computer-based modeling of any real-world process involved with an airport. Simulation allows organizations in the industry to analyze and experiment with their processes in a virtual setting, reducing the time and cost requirements associated with physical testing.

Runways, gates, check-in counters, security and luggage services can be properly arranged and assessed within a simulation model, allowing the opportunity to determine how best to fully utilize the resources at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the best possible service level.

Why would you need Airport Simulation?

The need for efficiency in airports has never been greater, with fuel, security and labor costs continuing to rise each year. Successful airport authorities need to ensure that the costs associated with personnel, equipment and new technology are being optimized and delivering the best possible service. At its core, airport simulation is an inexpensive, risk-free way to test your current terminal layout and security areas, always with the purpose of meeting traveller throughput and waiting time goals at the lowest possible cost, and with the lowest achievable safety risk.

Unlike spreadsheet-based analysis and forecasting, simulation offers a quick and efficient means to adjust parameters and re-simulate, saving valuable time and hastening results. Passenger flow can be analyzed next to the baggage flow at the airport.

Optimize your Airport with Talumis Simulation

More information how Talumis can help optimize your airport person flows, processes or bagage handling? Ask one of our airport experts.

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Patrick Zweekhorst

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Eindhoven Airport Simulation by Talumis

Typical questions that can be answered with simulation:

  • Is my baggage system capable of handling all baggage in time?
  • What’s the waiting time of passengers at each process during the day?
  • What capacity is needed for each process for a given flight schedule?
  • What are the boundaries of the airport?
  • Can we increase throughput at security screening checkpoints within budget constraints and federal regulations?
  • Are shopping, dining and other airport services adequate for forecasted passenger volume and located on the best positions?
  • Are we prepared to process the anticipated cargo volume this Holiday season?

Talumis uses the world’s best Simulation Software: FlexSim PersonFlow

Flexsim PersonFlow is used to study person flows. It provides the best tool to model and analyze passenger logistics within airports, shopping malls or for events.  Together with the FlexSim general purpose simulator the software functions as the most flexible and accurate platform to analyze and optimize all airport processes.

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