Download and test FloWorks for FlexSim 2024

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FlexSim FloWorks module download

FlexSim FloWorks module download

FloWorks is a powerful additional module for FlexSim simulation software used to accurately analyze and optimize the logistics of bulk, fluids or gas flows  in a network.

FloWorks is a radical new approach to combine discrete events and continuous processes to an ‘event driven continuous calculation’. The approach consists of modeling continuous processes as a network of flows. FloWorks is used in supply chain modeling, chemical plants, food production or any other industry involving logistics of bulk, fluids or gas flows.

FlexSim FloWorks module download

Download the FloWorks v24 zipfile by entering your contact details in the download section to the right.

This version of FloWorks requires FlexSim 2024.0.

Dirk-Jan Moens

Dirk-Jan Moens

Questions or remarks?

Should you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact our FloWorks specialist, Dirk-Jan Moens.

Download & Test FloWorks

Download FloWorks 2024.0. To be installed with FlexSim 2024.0

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