Simulation software FlexSim

Powerful & user-friendly

The simulation software Flexsim makes it easy to visualize, analyze and optimize any system in any industry. Whether the process is manufacturing, logistics or administration, Flexsim is the tool to use. Flexsim modeling objects can be customized exactly to match the process. It is both powerful and user-friendly allowing users to create models without the need of programming.

Easy to use

Performing improvement studies with Flexsim is easy. The simulation software offers a wide range of easy configurable objects, allowing users to create complex interactions just by using parameters and pre-defined logic blocks. The flexible and configurable dashboard creates insight into the system performance. The experiment wizard enables all kinds of scenario analyses tools allowing the user to optimize strategic investments and even operational plans.

The power you need

Flexsim provides the power you need for even the most demanding simulation projects. Flexsim will change the way you look at simulation forever, guaranteed!

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For both modelers and developers
Flexsim can also be used as a development platform. To achieve this openness and flexibility Flexsim is the only simulation product in the world to incorporate a C++ IDE (MS Visual C++.Net) and compiler into a graphical modeling environment. C++ can be used directly in defining model logic and compiled right in the Flexsim application.