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WANTED: Simulation Consultant

Job description

Talumis is a provider of simulation solutions since 2003. We are looking for a simulation consultant to strengthen our team as our client base and project portfolio are fast growing.

As a simulation consultant you work on challenging and complex logistics problems. The projects vary in size and complexity and are located in the Netherlands or abroad.

The simulation projects are executed using the leading discrete event simulation software FlexSim. Also, you will be working with our inhouse developed tools like FloWorks or TraverseBoard.

You are usually performing projects in a small team or on your own, this means that you have a lot of freedom in executing the projects. The freedom also extends to where you want to work from; either at home or at our office near Utrecht.

As a Simulation Consultant you have a university degree, like programming and enjoy solving problems. You have good analytic and communication skills and your English is excellent. You live in the Netherlands.

Talumis is a small company, which means that you know what is going on and there is no overhead. We lunch together and allow people the freedom to organize their work in the way they want. Salary is competitive and can include a company car.

If you are interested in working in a small team with international contacts, state of the art techniques and a pleasant work environment? Please contact us and mail your CV to dirk-jan.moens@talumis.com.