Talumis did this simulation for its client JéWéRET. JéWéRET has a great diversity of products from which clients (DIY) can order. JéWéRET wanted to automate the order pick process of its products. The orders are currently manually picked, which is a time consuming process. JéWéRET has consulted Smart Warehouse Design and Talumis to support them in this process. The objective was to develop concepts for the automation process, analyze its performance by means of simulation models and determine the best concept for JéWéRET.


Smart Warehouse Design determined the 250 most ordered products from JéWéRet by means of analyzing various production days. These products are stocked in a storage area from which can be picked by cranes to form a delivery unit. A delivery unit is a stack of products which have certain restrictions in stacking order. The different production days are also used to estimate peak order days for which the different concepts needed to be analyzed.

TALUMIS constructed, in close cooperation with Smart Warehouse Design and JéWéRET the simulation models for the different concepts. Concept development was an iterative process. In the first stage the delivery units were located on a fixed position at the right side of the storage area. Products were picked up by one of the 6 picking cranes and transported to stacking area. Initially two stacking cranes were considered. For both the top and the bottom part of the stack two conveyors lead the products to the corresponding stacking crane.

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