UTRECHT – March 23, 2017 – Talumis and Petrogenium announced today that they have signed a Global Strategic Alliance to deliver combined services to Clients in Logistics and Supply Chain Optimisation in the market sectors Downstream Refining, Petrochemicals, LNG and Renewable Resources.

Through this agreement Clients will benefit from the combination of Talumis’ expertise in advanced 3D Simulation and Optimization Solutions with Petrogenium’s world-class industry expertise in Oil Movement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Combining years of operational, technical and business consultancy experience with innovative, state of the art 3D-simulation & optimization technology strengthens our unique position to deliver tangible value for our global Client base.

About Talumis B.V.

Talumis is recognized as leading European insight and solution provider in the 3D simulation and optimization area of liquid, gas and bulk streams. Talumis has more than 15 years state of the art experience in modelling, simulation and analyses of complex production and logistic processes and is the FlexSim platform distributor for the Benelux. Talumis’ expertise focuses on supply chain applications, on industrial environments, production, warehousing and material handling areas. Talumis’ headquarters is close to Utrecht, the Netherlands.

About Petrogenium B.V.

Petrogenium is a consultancy firm which provides strategic, operational and technical support to asset owners in Downstream Oil, Petrochemicals, Gas Processing and Renewable Resources industries. Petrogenium consultants are independent, world-class experts with longstanding industry experience in asset owner management and expert roles and share a common passion for the industries. The common driver is to help Clients to get the best out of their business, now and in the future by making the right products with the right feedstocks, reliable operations and maximized margins. Similarly, Petrogenium support Clients’ drive towards sustainable operations by providing a roadmap towards improved efficient energy use and reduced CO2 emissions and optimum use and manufacture of biofuels, bioenergy and green chemicals. Petrogenium’s headquarters is close to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Media Contacts:

Steven Hamoen
Talumis B.V.
steven.hamoen [at] talumis.com

Stefan Kardos
Petrogenium B.V.
stefan.kardos [at] petrogenium.com