Talumis and Solid Port Solutions team up

Talumis and Solid Port Solutions team up to provide simulation solutions to the container terminal operator industry.

Talumis is a simulation solutions provider with lots of experience in many industries, including manufacturing, transportation systems, energy applications and marine operations.

Solid Port Solutions (SPS) is a company with a long track record on container terminal design, implementation and optimization, both in manned and automated terminals. As part of their services, SPS has guided many simulation projects executed by other suppliers.

With this new cooperation, clients can get the best of modern simulation technology and operation experience from one reliable partner: Talumis/SPS.

What can we offer:

  • high level port capacity models, which focus on the infrastructure and major CAPEX decisions.
    With this type of model, the client gets insight in the effect of new shipping lines, changes in call patterns, dwell time variations, modal split, …
  • detailed terminal operation evaluation. This type of model will show the impact of number and type of horizontal transport vehicles, stacking systems, STS crane dimensions and specs, stacking strategies, …
    Both existing and innovative handling systems can be evaluated
  • gate models, to facilitate the design and control of modern large-scale gate complexes
  • alternative, innovative operational systems evaluation through modern simulation tools
  • optimization of control systems rules, algorithms and parameters
  • labour scheduling and working schedules evaluation
  • application of AI, more specific reinforcement learning and predictive analytics to enhance terminal operations
  • emulation of TOS functionality to test equipment (control systems)
  • emulation of equipment (control systems) by means of a digital twin
  • serious gaming applications for training and tuning
  • high end 3D-animation of new or modified terminals

For more information please contact Talumis or Solid Port Solutions