Flexsim Warehouse Simulation Software

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In general the handling in a warehouse does not add much value to a product. The majority of the processes consist of moving products from one location to another. Each movement takes time and therefore increases the cost due to personnel and equipment use. The number of movements and the distance are the biggest part of the operational costs in a warehouse. To reduce the cost, the number of product movements and the distance should be reduced.

FlexSim Warehouse Simulation focuses on reducing operational costs, by:

  • Improving process design and layout
  • Defining variables and logic for WMS control
  • Optimize and schedule the utilization of people and resources

Simulation Environment

The FlexSim Simulation Software  is a simulation environment that can be used for analyzing and optimizing warehouse processes. Talumis created various tools in FlexSim that allows to create simulation models very fast and accurate. These highly detailed  models are then used to analyze, improve and control the processes.

In short the FlexSim and TALUMIS expertise is used in:

  • Implementation and detailing WMS systems
  • Improvement of projects (define new layout and/or new work strategies)
  • Controlling changes in order patterns or activities
  • Finding optimal work schedules for pickers and operators
  • Defining picking strategies
  • Investigating the Return On Investment
  • As a planning tool: Find out the number necessary