Simulation for Marine Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling.

Talumis performed a simulation & optimization study and planning solution for its client SNS Pool in order to determine the optimal number of supply vessels needed on a daily basis and to plan & Schedule the loading and unloading crews in the harbor.

Specialized in optimizing Oil, Gas & Chemicals Logistics & Supply Chains

Talumis has specialized in marine supply chain simulation. Specifically Talumis fhas performed multiple in-depth stuides for optimizing  the logistics of oil, gas and chemicals. For both the production and supply chain Talumis has gained in-depth experience in modeling, analyzing and optimizing theses systems. Specifically for these markets Talumis has developed a revolutionary way of combining both discrete and continuous flows in a model. This ‘FlexSim – FloWorks’ simulation module can accurately model production facilities, including storage, equipment and production failures. Apart from the accurate calculation it is also extremely fast and this will enable more experiments and optimization strategies. The FloWorks tool fully supports the Marine Supply Chain Simulation modeling enabling users to really create added value for their business.

Advantages of simulation

One of the main advantages of simulation is handling uncertainties. Plans can be simulated multiple times, using statistics to mimic real-life uncertainties. In this way it is possible to find out how robust a plan/schedule is and what the risks are. It is possible to compare plans for instance on its Value at Risk, the Timeliness of a Plan and Resource Utilization.

Marine Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling is particularly subject to uncertainty. By adding simulation analysis allows for optimizing for the current schedule, taking into account future events and uncertainties like weather down times. Schedulers are able to evaluate the impact of different schedules/plans, either generated by the optimization engine or by manually altered plans. Talumis’ Traverseboard platform for Advanced Planning & Scheduling will quantify the risk a plan is exposed to, for the short, mid and long term.

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