FlexSim 7.5 Simulation Software is now available for download

FlexSim 7.5 simulation software: the latest version of FlexSim’s flagship general purpose simulation package. This edition of the software adds some key functionality to improve upon the previous version 7, especially in the area of dashboards, conveyors and AGV’s.

What is new in the FlexSim 7.5 Simulation Software?

As with previous versions, FlexSim 7.5 runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems, and can run on Mac and Linux machines in a Windows environment. The second FlexSim module, designed for the simulation and modeling of AGV systems, will also be available with the FlexSim 7.5 software. The AGV module is free to download and includes a new object library and options for customization. This marks the first time that FlexSim has developed a dedicated material handling product, and the plan is to continue to develop the module into the premier simulation tool for modeling AGV systems.

FlexSim 7.5 has an upgraded conveyor module. Allowing a user to create accurately behaving conveying functionality. Klik here to learn more about the new conveyors in FlexSim.

Simulation Software FlexSim 7, try it for free: