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Flexsim 7.0.2 available | News

FlexSim 7.0.2 is now available for download. Please go to Software Downloads and download a free trial version.

  • Fixed a bug with the Pick Operator with Animation picklist.
  • Added scroll bar to Labels page Tree View.
  • Fixed bug in Processor that showed item conveying when stopped using STATE_BLOCKED.
  • Added code to read texture repeats/offsets into the assimp importer so that .ac file textures render more accurately.
  • Fixed some import and display issues with SKP files.
  • Fixed a bug that was occasionally causing WebKit to crash.
  • Fixed a bug in the Presentation Builder that was causing the first flypoint to jump beyond the second flypoint.
  • Fixed issues with the TimeTable repeating daily.
  • Fixed parqty() issue on nodefunction, user commands, function_s, etc.
  • Fixed bug in Dashboard to display current content of Fluid Objects.
  • OnCreate now gets fired for all objects inside a container when the container is copied.
  • Fixed an exception in the Startup Page’s OnPreLoad when there was an invalid recent models path.
  • Updated Experimenter PFM graph to draw the box plot on top of replication points.
  • Made it so foreign languages’ dashboard statistic names will be properly associated with the visible name that they’re dragged from.
  • Fixed bug with changing the model start time and it not being reflected in the model stop time.
  • Fixed reset exceptions on presentation slide.
  • Fixed a bug that crashes FlexSim when you call startanimation with a rank that doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed bug causing FlexSim to crash when copying NetworkNodes.
  • Fixed round() to work properly with negative numbers and large numbers.
  • Fixed triangular distribution from dividing by 0.
  • Fixed issue with debugging on a script window script when the first line is commented.
  • Other various bug fixes from the development list